MPF Programs

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, SPIN's mission is to provide parents of children with disabilities training and information to ensure children are prepared to lead productive independent lives. The SPIN staff have experience as parents of children with disabilities and have access to a wide range of information. They are available to answer requests for information or to help parents find the answers to more complex problems. SPIN staff also collaborate with parent organizations, state agencies and other organizations in Maine to expand opportunities available to families. Basic services include one-on-one information to parents and professionals concerning needed services, educational rights, and specific disabilities through a toll free statewide telephone number, 1-800-870-7746. SPIN also maintains a TDD, a telecommunication device for individuals with hearing impairments. Other services include educational workshops on a wide variety of topics specific to parent needs as well as core trainings on special education law.

At the SPIN office families can borrow library books and video tapes on topics related to education and disabilities as well as signup for the quarterly newsletter, Parent Connection. This website hosts workshops, informational packets, upcoming events and much more.

The project's objectives are to:
  1. provide parents with an array of training and educational opportunities enabling effective participation in developing and implementing their children's educational program
  2. provide the broadest possible access to current information and resources at all levels; and,
  3. create collaborative networks of parents, advocates, providers, educators and other support organizations. MPF's Statewide Parent Information Network (SPIN) serves all Maine families of children with disabilities ages birth through age 26 as identified by IDEA. Special emphasis is placed on under served populations and isolated areas. The contents of this website were developed under a grants from the U.S, Department of Education, H328M150038 However, those contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the U.S. Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government. Project Officer, Carmen Sanchez

Family Support Navigator Program
"Connecting Families to a Network of Support and Information" For more information about Family Support Navigators, please contact the central office at 1-800-870-7746

Project REACH F2F Health Information Network (F2F)
Project REACH (REsponsive Advocacy for Children's Health) is Maine's federally funded F2F Health Information Network grant. This program builds upon and strengthens the partnership between the Maine Parent Federation (MPF) and Maine's Maternal and Child Health Title V Children with Heath Special Health Care Needs Program.

The goal of the program is to assure that Maine's families of children with special health care needs partner in decision-making at all levels and are satisfied with the services they receive. In addition, families also receive a wide variety of information, education, referral, training, advocacy and a range of family supports.

Central to success is the nationally acclaimed parent-to-parent support model. Under the model a volunteer cadre of specially trained parents (who also have children with special health care needs) having the gifts of empathy and common experience help other parents walk through the multiple challenges of accessing care and supports. Centers also provide information, education, referral, training, advocacy and a range of family supports.

Parent to Parent
Parent-to-Parent of Maine is a statewide network funded under our F2F Health Information Network grant. The parent to parent network is also part of a national network.

We connect families who are willing to share experiences and resources.

If you are a parent of a child with short or long-term challenges, speaking with another parent whose child has similar needs (someone who really understands your day-today life) can help you feel that you are not alone.

Why Are We Here? How Can We Help You? For more information or to be connected to the Regional Coordinator in your county,please contact us!

For over 36 years Parent to Parent programs across the country have been providing emotional and informational support to families of children who have special needs most notably by matching parents seeking support with an experienced, trained 'Support Parent'. To learn more about this program, call 1-800-870-7746.

Maternal and Child Health (MCHB)
With a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services, Maine Parent Federation provides staff for a Family Consultant Position and Regional Coordinators. The Family Consultant provides education to families, CSHN staff and the community on the principles of family-centered care and provides leadership in the development of policies that effect CSHN and their families, Individuals must be a parent/guardian of child with special health care needs and knowledgeable about the special delivery system for CSHN, including health care needs and social services.

Regional Coordinators for the Parent to Parent program employed by MPF provide resources and information to families, health care providers, community-based-agencies and others serving CSHN includes but is not limited to insurance, medical home, transition to adult health care services and linking people to services at the state and community level. Individuals must be parents or guardians of a child with special health care needs.

CBHS(Children's Behavioral Health Services)
Maine Parent Federation under DHHS provides information and referral. MPF coordinates and disseminates information for families, their service providers, and the general public, conducts education and awareness activities regarding available resources, and provides one on one telephone support to families and referrals when needed. Services are provided primarily through telephone, face-to-face, online support, direct mail, and coordination of workshop and community presentations.

Family Support Navigators - "Connecting Families to a Network of Support and Information" For more information about Family Support Navigators, please contact the Central office at, 1-800-781-7746.